Keramik Symposium Gmunden

Workshop: 8 September-12 October, 2013
Gmunden, Austria

Keramic Symposium Gmunden is a biennial appointment which first took place in 1956 and was restored in 2003, under the organisation of the newly born Association for the Promotion of European Ceramists. Since then, it has been aiming to the co-work of selected young artists from all over Europe and to their visibility in the media.
During five weeks the artists create unique works of art especially for this occasion, some of which will be chosen to be brought around Europe as a part of the final travelling exhibition. A few chosen works will be shown permanently in the ceramics exhibition room in the K-Hof museum in Gmunden.The works will also be available for private sale.
The artists usually have different styles, so that they will learn from each other and be inspired by each other's work, techniques, as well as cultural and personal background. The wonderful landscapes of Gmunden with the lake surrounded by the Alps, as well as the town's ancient ceramic tradition and long-standing experience always highly motivate the ceramists.
The artists are hosted in a hotel in Gmunden and they have the rare possibility to work together every day in an atelier, according to their inspiration, during the opening hours of the GmundnerKeramik manufactory plant, which gives them a wide, well enlightened place where to work properly. Working material and ovens are also at their disposal, thanks to the exceptional sponsors that financed the project with their priceless help.
This project is not just a moment of work and professional exchange for the artists, but a great opportunity for them and for the visitors for intercultural dialogue, motivation to creativity and incentive to European spirit. In fact, the general public will also have the possibility to visit the atelier during the open days at the end of the Symposium.
On the other hand, during these weeks many media representatives will also pay a visit to the artists, to write about them and their work. This is a very rare and great opportunity of being sponsored for a ceramist, who works in an artistic field that is not always well known, nor usually very supported and advertised.
At the end of the five weeks the works will be judged by an advisory board of experts (e.g. artists, journalists, curators and professors), who are actuallythe same jury that selected the participants for their personal background and previous high-quality works.
In 2013 the Symposium takes place from the 8th of September to the 12th of October, one reason more to visit us also during our wunderbar coloured autumn!
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