Święto Ceramiki

Święto Ceramiki, the Ceramics Festival in Bolesławiec, is an interactive artistic event aimed at promoting pottery handcraft skills and the region of Bolesławiec.

During the festival guests and visitors are able to:
- buy original pieces of art and everyday household objects made of clay;
- spin the pottery wheel, model in clay and hand paint clay objects;
- see the clay artworks and participate in happenings organised by sculpturing artists from all over the world participating in the International Plein-Air of Ceramics and Sculpturing;
- see the process of how pottery artifacts are manufactured in the local pottery shops;
- spend an unforgettable weekend with a family in the Capital of Polish Ceramics.

The five-days event also includes spectacular presentation of ceramic painted people called “Zdobinki”, a parade of “Clay People”, concerts of polish music stars, antiques fair, an excellent cuisine and many other attractions.

Bolesławiec Ceramics Festival is held annually, always in the second half of August. Since 1994, together with town residents, the public have enjoyed the biggest and the most colorful outdoor event of our region. Every year the town's centre is turned into a place where the market square is filled with wooden stalls where ceramists display their products. At the fair one can buy usable ceramics, decorative ceramics and also jewellery. As far as the biggest ceramic fair in Poland is concerned, you are sure that no matter what you buy, a necklace, a cup or a planter, you are certainly buying a unique product. Wide variety is guaranteed by more than 20 ceramics manufacturers from Bolesławiec but also by foreign ones. The number of exhibitors systematically increases: during the first BCF there were a dozen of exhibitors, at present there are more than 100.

Ceramics, which is pride of Bolesławiec, is made in the process of burning. Bolesławiec explains the process to its guests by building extremely picturesque outdoor ceramic kilns. When the music fades away, ceramists close their stalls, dusk slowly falls on the town and evening magic starts. Late in the evening, outdoor kilns shows their beauty. Fires burning at night always attract scores of people. This unusual process of ceramic product burning may be only seen during Bolesławiec Ceramics Festival. The idea of building outdoor kilns during BCF is relatively a fresh one, but it has gained a great favour among the public. At present, this attraction has been permanently included in the program of the ceramics festival. Over the past few years, town residents and tourists have had an opportunity to see different types of kilns, among which Hungarian Oven, RAKU, Romanian, paper ones, glass ones and steel ones. They had different creators among whom some of the most renowned persons in this field: Mateusz Grobelny, Maria Kędzierska, Jacek Trakiewicz, Normundus Langisi, Wojciech Tężycki. In 2010 a kiln in the shape of the famous Bolesławiec viaduct was built - it's one of the longest railway viaducts in Europe.

Anyone who participates in Bolesławiec Ceramics Festival may try his hand at the molding and shaping process with the clay.

Ceramics Animation Little Town is a place where both children and adults, having a great time, may get to know this unusual material and various techniques of making ceramic wares. Everyone may take part in painting biscuits, plays and games, pottery shows, turning on the pottery wheel. Ceramics Animation Little Town is a place where whole families spend their time together and have fun getting to know local tradition and history. It's a place filled with inspiration, passion, play and fun. Apart from manual activities, some special workshops and happenings are realized for a children and youth audience.

A show which attracts a thousand of spectators to Bolesławiec is an annual Ceramics Parade called Gliniada. A few thousand people take part in the parade, painting themselves and dressing up in clothes which refer to Bolesławiec ceramics and not only - a real Ceramics Carnival!




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